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James C. McCarty


Degrees Held:

Masters of Education, Higher Education

Bachelor of Arts, Applied Psychology

Minor, Business

James joined the college knowledge team with a strong desire to assist and empower the next generation of learners in their collegebound journey. Having personally experienced the challenges and confusion during his own college search process as a first-generation student, he understands the feeling of being completely lost. However, James was fortunate to receive unwavering support from his family and connect with the right resources and mentors, which ultimately led him to a successful college experience.

With his newfound knowledge and experiences, James aspires to share his wisdom and guide future college-bound students. He aims to equip them with the necessary tools and insights to ensure they have the best possible college experience at their dream institution. By passing on his experiences and the valuable knowledge he has acquired, James hopes to contribute to the educational growth and success of these students.


James C. McCarty
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